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Fert-Scape Inc. is proud to serve one of Michigan’s premier boating towns. Harrison Township has a pleasant lakeside and riverside atmosphere to go with its many homes and small businesses. Fert-Scape Inc. helps this town keep the view spectacular, whether you are looking from the water or land. We are eager to add you to our base of completely satisfied customers in this beautiful marina town.

In the first part of the 19th century, surveyors and settlers came upon the area that is now known as Harrison Township. In 1827, that settlement was formed where the Clinton River empties into Lake St. Clair. The original unincorporated community was known as Belvidere. The fertile land, along with the popular location on the coast of the lake attracted more people, and by the end of the next year, it had two established fisheries, a sawmill, as well as a bank and post office. Unfortunately, in just the span of two years, lake levels rose so fast that the entire area became flooded, and the area had to be abandoned and the community restarted. Today, Harrison Township has long since rose above that setback, and was formally incorporated in 1978. It has a population of 24,461. It contains two unincorporated communities - Lakeside, and St. Clair Haven. It encompasses 23.8 square miles, 9.4 of which is water.
Harrison Township does not have an independent public school district. Its public school children attend the district of L’anse Creuse Public Schools, which covers 37 square miles, with Chesterfield Township as its northern boundary.

The single largest attraction of Harrison Township is Lake St. Clair Metropark. Formerly known as Metro Beach Metropark, its 1,000 foot long Metro Beach has kept its name. The park encompasses 770 acres, and has a plethora of outdoor activities available for all ages, all interests, in all seasons. During the warmer months. There are plenty of boat launches for a day out on the lake. For those who don’t want to swim in the lake, there is an Olympic sized pool containing diving boards and water slides. It has a nature center, biking and hiking trails, an 18-hole golf course, miniature golf, a 1,600 foot boardwalk giving an overview of the lake, and more. During the winter, there is cross-country skiing, ice-fishing, and ice skating. The park is rife with several species of trees and plant life, with open areas of lush grass. It is an ideal picture of natural beauty, and Fert-Scape Inc. can replicate some of those same features at your home.

Harrison Township is proud of its location at the southwestern corner of Anchor Bay, in northwestern Lake St. Clair. They are also proud of their boats. The township has over 20 marinas, and the locals refer to their home as “BoatTown, USA.” One notable marina is MacRay Harbor. This marina has an upscale banquet hall, along with the highly touted North 42 restaurant.
Harrison Township’s downtown shopping area consists mainly of small businesses and boutiques, along with boat sales, repair, and fishing tackle stores, and businesses having to do with water activities. It has a very tourist like atmosphere, and indeed does get a lot of boaters and fishermen from all over Lake St. Clair.

The township also houses Selfridge Air National Guard Base. This facility began as a training camp after World War I. It contains a museum that has plenty of artifacts and historical photographs, and an air park. An open house is held every summer, along with an air show, where the Blue Angels often take part.